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The first two editions of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology helped define the rapidly growing and vibrant field of human performance technology - a systematic approach to improving individual and organizational performance. Exhaustively researched, this comprehensive sourcebook not only updates key foundational chapters on organizational change, evaluation, instructional design, and motivation, but it also features breakthrough chapters on 'performance technology in action' and addresses many new topics in the field, such as certification, Six Sigma, and communities of practice. Boasting fifty-five new chapters, contributors to this new edition comprise a veritable 'who s who' in the field of performance improvement, including Geary Rummler, Roger Kaufman, Ruth Clark, Allison Rossett, Margo Murray, Judith Hale, Dana and James Robinson, and many others. Praise for the third edition of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology 'If you are in the business of trying to improve organizational performance, this Handbook should be the first place you look for answers to questions about human performance technology.' - Joseph J. Durzo, CPT, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief learning officer, Archstone-Smith 'This newest edition of the Handbook provides an unparalleled, all-encompassing survey of the latest theory and its practical application in this emergent field. This book is a must-have reference for any professional wishing to systematically improve performance within their organization.' - Weston McMillan, CPT, manager, training and development, eBay Inc. 'An invaluable, engaging resource for anyone charged with improving workplace performance. It not only provides the background and foundations of our profession, but more importantly, it also provides the most up-to-date descriptions of how to apply HPT to drive results.' - Rodger Stotz, CPT, vice president and managing consultant, Maritz Inc. 'This book is filled with insights--both for those who are new to the field and also for those who are experienced. It offers concrete advice and examples on how to use HPT to impact business results and how to work successfully within organizations.' - Anne Marie Laures, CPT, director, learning services, Walgreen Co. 'The Handbook contains many of the secrets for improving the performance of individuals, groups, and organizations.' - Robert F. Mager, author, Analyzing Performance Problems and How to Turn Learners On...Without Turning Them Off

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